Unusual Uses For Everyday Items

Your house is full of useful objects if you know where to look! Find new and unusual uses for the following everyday items.

Ice Cubes are great household cleaning tools.

  1. Throw a few in your drain before running the garbage disposal to dislodge any stuck food bits.
  2. Combine ice cubes with salt to scrub the bottom of coffee pots/carafes – the sale will stick to the ice and act like sandpaper to remove the coffee stains.
  3. To skim fat off the top of soups, place a few ice cubes in a metal ladle and drag the bottom of the ladle across the surface of the soup.  The cold metal will harden the fat so it sticks to the ladle, making it easy to remove.


Dryer Sheets are great for so many things.

  1. Wet a dryer sheet to remove soap scum and water spots from your bathroom faucets, shower doors, and tub walls.
  2. Rub them on your clothing to remove deodorant stains.
  3. Use them to freshen inside shoes or under the seats of a car.
  4. To repel mosquitoes rub your bare arms and legs with a dryer sheet to act as a natural repellent.  (Bounce brand works best)


Tennis balls have many uses off the court.

  1. Toss a few in your dryer with a load of towels to increase fluffiness and absorbency.
  2. They make great backyard pool/spa scum skimmers.  Just let them float around in the water – they’ll absorb any leftover body oils on the water’s surface.
  3. Remove scuff marks from floors by putting a tennis ball on a stick and rubbing the mark until its gone.


Baby Wipes are so helpful for so many things

  1. They are great for quickly cleaning phones, sticky purse linings, and dirty hands.
  2. Use them to spiffy up faucets and sinks (not safe for marble or granite)
  3. Use them to wipe down your ceiling fan.  The dampness keeps the dirt & dust under control during cleaning.
  4. A baby wipe is perfect for sealing up your envelopes that you don’t want to lick.

Coffee Filters are for more than coffee.

  1. Put a coffee filter between plates or your non-stick pans when to prevent scratching.
  2. Use coffee filters as a disposable “snack bowl” for popcorn, chips, etc.
  3. Wrap a filter around a taco shell to prevent spills – this is especially useful for little ones.
  4. Use as a flower pot liner.  Put a filter in the bottom of a small pot when re-potting.


Coffee Grounds are not just trash.

  1. Use as fertilizer and spread grounds over flower beds containing acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons.
  2. Put dry grounds into an old margarine tub with holes poked in the lid.  Place the tub in your fridge to absorb odors.
  3. Keep grounds in a can near the sink.  Rub a small amount on your hands after peeling onions, chopping garlic, or handling fish to get rid of the odor.


Toothpaste can do more than just clean your teeth.

  1. Shine your sink fixtures by rubbing with a drop of toothpaste on a wet sponge.
  2. Remove garlic or fish odors from your hands.
  3. Clean silver jewelry in a pinch.
  4. Relieve the itch from a mosquito bite and use to get rid of a pimple.