Don’t settle for paying when you can see the best of the city for free!! 

Even when observing social distancing!!  ?


1. Franklin Mountains State Park

Situated in the middle of the city the Franklin Mountains are a sight to behold with almost 27,000 acres and over 100 miles of hiking and biking trails!  Come and visit for the day or camp overnight (there is a small fee for camping).  Look for geocaches, bird or nature watch, or even bring a picnic to enjoy in the sunshine.


2.  Scenic Drive

Touting the best views in El Paso, Scenic Drive is a must see!  Taking it in during the day offers an amazing view but the beauty of the city and of our neighboring city of Juarez is best seen at night.  For an even more up close experience take advantage of Scenic Sundays.  Take a leisurely traffic free walk or bike ride on Sundays from 6 am – 11 am.  


3.  San Jacinto Plaza

The Heart of Downtown El Paso, San Jacinto plaza is a family friendly day “trip” regardless of the time of year.  In the summer enjoy the splash pad and don’t miss the lights of Winter Fest during the holidays.  Year round the plaza offers walking paths, 16 plaques representing historical events, ping pong tables, and benches to sit and enjoy our city.  Best of all, don’t miss the Los Lagartos sculpture in the plaza center.


4.  Mission Trail

A 9-mile corridor through Mission Valley leads to three historic missions built in the 17th century.  Be sure to visit the jail Billy the Kid broke into, the San Elizario Historic Art District, & the Los Portales Museum. 


5.  El Paso Rose Garden 

With over 1900 rosebushes featuring 500 varieties of roses the El Paso Rose Garden has a rose for everyone.  The wide walkways are handicap accessible for all to enjoy the waterfalls, raised beds, and koi pond.  


6.  Chamizal National Memorial

A unit of the National Park Service, the Chamizal National Memorial commemorates the 1963 Chamizal treaty that ended a century-old boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico caused by a change in the course of the Rio Grande. The memorial includes a museum, theatre and art galleries, and hosts many festivals and special events throughout the year.


7.  Concordia Cematery

Known for being the burial place of several gunslingers and old west lawmen Concordia has over 60,000 graves on 52 acres of land.  Boasting a diversity not found in most cemeteries from this time frame you will find a large Chinese “population” as well as a Jewish section, Mormon section, &  a section for the Buffalo Soldiers.  


8.  Hueco Tanks State Park

Just east of El Paso, Hueco Tanks, holds a unique concentration of animals, plants, and historical artifacts that make it unlike anywhere else in the desert Southwest.  Due to the parks unique resources access to the park is limited call ahead to schedule both guided tours and self-guided tours.  (A small entrance fee applies)


9.  Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park

A mecca of hiking and biking trails, Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park is Northeast El Paso’s gateway to Franklin Mountians. (A small entrance fee applies for hiking/biking).  The park has a playground, trees, and it’s open area is perfect for family sports or flying a kite in El Paso’s famous windy weather. 


Drop us a line and tell us your favorite El Paso “Free” Spot!  We would love to try it out!!