When you find yourself ready to begin making your home over into your dream home by remodeling and investing in it, you may run into more questions than answers. While any home improvement project can bring you enjoyment, not all will add as much home equity or ROI (Return on Investment) as you would expect.

How do you determine where to begin, what “project” to do, and how much to spend?


1.  Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

Refreshing your kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place to start when you are looking for a DIY project with a large return on your investment.  If your cabinets are in decent shape all you may need is a coat or two of paint.  Keep in mind that while painting is not very difficult, it can take up a large amount of time.  To ensure a smooth & clean finish, you will need to remove any hardware or hinges. If there are multiple layers of paint or stain, you may need to strip your cabinets before you begin.  

Make sure you take your time as a bad paint job can be a quick turn off for potential buyers. 


2.  Front Door Makeover

A fresh front door makeover can make all the difference in generating that first impression you want when a buyer walks up to your home.  A fresh coat of paint and some strategically place greenery is all it takes. 

Just like with the kitchen, take your time to avoid any drips or brush marks.  


3.  Curb Appeal

Any easy way (especially for those with a green thumb) to make an impact on your home’s value is to have that sought after curb appeal.  Outside of the landscaping & gardening aspects of curb appeal, just keeping your lawn manicured, clean, & fresh can go a long way to improving your home’s exterior.

Don’t forget to replace those burned-out bulbs or prune those overgrown shrubs.  While these things seem so simple to look past, oftentimes buyers don’t and will move on to the next home that has an even better curb appeal.


4.  Add Storage

Any time you can utilize spaces that usually go unused to create more storage or livable space, you can increase the value of your home.  Whether that be by adding storage under the stairs or in the garage or even with built ins in a closet, adding additional storage can be an easy-peasy job. 


5.  Build Up The Backyard

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has increased over the last year during the pandemic.  Building up your backyard can be super easy or super difficult depending on the project you chose.  Keep in mind that while the more difficult projects, such as building a deck, are possible to DIY and bring a bigger Return on Investment, they are not for the easily discouraged.  

Something as simple as adding a window box or a trellis can create the desired “backyard oasis” effect.  Know your abilities and pick the project that is within them.


6.  Fix the Broken Things

It may sound like this is the common sense thing to do but too often we overlook the small repairs as we have just grown used to them.  That drippy faucet, squeaky hinge, or busted light bulb may not seem to be big deal.  However, to buyers looking for a move-in ready home, these can be red flags and make them wonder if there are bigger items broken or in need of repairs.