1.  Light Fixtures

How often do you look up to inspect your light fixtures?  Probably not very often but they can be loaded with dust and bugs.  Go ahead, take them down, and clean them. 

2.  Pantry Staples

Clean out and clear out any outdated or expired pantry staples.  While you are at it go ahead and give those shelves a good scrub.

3.  Ice Maker

Old ice that collects in the bottom of the ice maker can absorb food odors.  Remove the ice bin, dump out the old ice and wipe it down.  Make sure it is completely dry before put the bin back in the freezer.

4.  Toilet Body

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that you clean the toilet on a regular basis but how often do you clean the body and all the pieces that surround the tank to include the floor?  For a sparkling clean toilet, start with the top of the tank and scrub all the way around – the lid, the underside, the back, and even the floor.

5.  The Undersides of Surfaces

The undersides of things like your tables, countertops, etc. can get pretty icky.  Take a couple of extra minutes when you are cleaning the tops to quickly wipe down the undersides.

6.  Door Knobs & Light Switches

The door knobs & light switches are maybe the most touched items in your home.  While you are at it go ahead and wipe down those cabinet handles, remote controls, and appliance handles.

7.  Drawer Organizers

Dust, dirt, & food bits love to get into those nooks and crannies in your drawer organizers.  For easy clean up, use your vacuum hose attachments.

8.  The Vacuum Cleaner

We don’t often think about cleaning the things that do the cleaning but your vacuum cleaner is a haven for dust, dirt, & allergens. 

9.  Glass and Mirrors

Too often we leave the glass & mirrors for “the next time” we clean.  But it only takes a moment to spray them down & wipe them clean.  Using straight vinegar will give dull glass surfaces a new sparkling lease on life.

10.  Clean the Crevices

Your kitchen appliances have a few crevices that won’t get cleaned with a regular wipe down.  Behind the stove knobs, under the grill on the range, the cracks around the dishwasher, the range hood, & the vents on your microwave are all places where debris & food gunk can hide out.  

11.  Dust Collectors

We all have them and regularly dust them, all those little knick-knacks, collectables, and trinkets.  But do you dust the tv mounts, picture frames, electronics, etc?  Those items collect as much dust if not more than your trinkets do.

12.  House Plants

The place where your house plants live needs a good cleaning every now and then as do your plants.  Take your plants outside for a nice rinse with the water hose or on a drizzly day for a nice shower.  While they are out clean the area they live in and check for any water damage that may have been caused by a leaky pot.

13.  Trash Cans

How often do you think to sanitize the trash can?  Don’t wait until it smells to wipe it down.

14.  Coffee Maker

Hard water deposits and residue from brewing your morning cup of joe can cause your coffee to start tasting a little off.  Run a mix of water & vinegar through your coffee maker to clean it.  Follow this cleaning cycle up by running water through the machine until the vinegar smell is gone.

15.  Baseboards

They circle your entire home but do you ever really look at them?  Baseboards collect all the dust and debris that falls to the floor so give them a good wipe down to scrub away the grime.