Call Robyn For Your Real Estate Needs! You Won’t Regret It!

Our physician friend recommended Robyn Cooper to us.

Robyn helped us negotiate a fair price for our house and also provided us with a cost market analysis for the property.  We had never made an offer on a house before so we appreciated the feedback.  She also made sure critical things were done such as the home inspection, repairs, and review of past insurance claims on the home.  We would have never known to do these things without her recommendations.

Robyn is very professional and really listens to her clients.  I was truly impressed with her in every way.  She showed us countless homes (probably more than 20), and would have shown us 50 more if she had to.  She really does care that much about finding you the perfect home.

When we finally made a decision and arrived for the walk through, she had placed a beautiful red bow on the door.  This is just an example of the small things she does that make a difference.  She’s just a thoughtful lady.

Lena communicated with us on a regular basis, and guided us with each step of the home purchase. 

The whole experience was really wonderful.  As fun as it is, buying a home is stressful, and Robyn was very patient and understanding.  Please call her for your real estate needs.  You won’t regret it.